10 Biggest Plumbing Myths

10 Biggest Plumbing Myths

10 Biggest Plumbing Myths: The other day I went to my cousin’s place and saw water silently leaking down a faucet. I asked her if she had done anything about it. To which she replied, “It’s just a harmless leak!”. Clearly she was unaware of the damage this harmless leak was doing. So many of us live with these plumbing myths, choosing to ignore the intentional harm we might be doing to our surroundings for the fear of spending a quick buck on the plumber. Debunked below are the top 10 plumbing myths carried on from generations with their solutions.

1. ITS OK TO LET WATER LEAK FROM FAUCETS Leaking faucets are often ignored in the wake of the hour until leakage becomes such that it cannot be ignored anymore. A seemingly harmless water leakage is actually causing you to lose gallons of water, not to mention the environmental harm and the spiked water bill. Many areas live in water shortage and if we all postpone fixing our leaky faucets it won’t be long before the whole world runs out of water (not literally, but you get the gist)!

2. ICE CUBES SHARPEN GARBAGE DISPOSAL BLADES Ice cubes ave been used to sharpen garbage disposal blades since Grandma’s times. But do they really work. Apparently not. Ice cubes help clean the blades, and keep them smelling good. However, their abrasive nature blunts the blades as opposed to sharpening them. If the garbage disposal blades lose their sharpness its best to replace them.

3. IN TANK TOILET CLEANERS ARE GOOD In tank toilet cleaners claim to work with every flush to keep your toilet clean and sparkly. However, with too much use, bleach in the tank cleaners will corrode the inner wall of the tank. Its best to hang toilet cleaners in the bowl rather than put tablets in the tank.

4. LEMON KEEPS THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL CLEAN Lemons, with their acidic content are believe to be excellent cleaners unanimously. Though lemons keep the drain smelling nice and fresh they don’t necessarily clean it. Additionally lemon peels may block the drains. For cleaning, it is best to use soap water and a brush and scrub the drains.

5. THE DRAIN IS FINE AS LONG AS WATER IS RUNNING DOWN.We follow this principle for months and months and a blockage then comes as a biggest surprise. More often than not, we throw anything and everything into the drains and keep flushing it all down with water. This is just disaster waiting to happen. To reduce blockage, ensure no non perishable items are pushed through and regularly clean with chemical pipe cleaners which dissolve any minor blocks inside preventing a major one.

6. FACE WIPES DO NO HARM WHEN FLUSHED Face wipes contrary to common belief are non biodegradable and have the potential to block drains over time. Unlike toilet paper which degrades easily face wipes contain synthetic material which makes them impossible to degrade. So you can imagine, if you keep flushing down wipes, a mound of non biodegradable wipes gets accumulated resulting in blocked drains.

7. EVERYTHING CAN BE PUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN WITH WATER As long as water is running everything can be pushed down a drain. This is the biggest myths of all times as thick skins, non perishable hair, egg shells and many other non degradable items pushed down a drain will harm it no matter how much time you keep the water running. If at all you want to throw thick or sticky stuff down the drain, make sure you break it into small pieces which can go down easily.

8. SOAP CAN BE USED TO CLEAN BATHROOM FIXTURES chemicals from soap corrodes bathroom fixtures shortening their life span. Bathroom fixtures are best cleaned using liquid solutions designed for glass doors, screens etc.

9. PLUNGERS WORK BEST FOR A BLOCKAGE Plunging away without determining the actual cause of blockage may in all likelihood push the blockage further away to a more difficult position. Its best to use hands or a hook to pull out the blockage. If all else fails, call for drain inspection.

10. ALL PLUMBERS ARE THE SAME Like all doctors are not same, all lawyers are not the same, all plumbers are also not the same. If you have been disappointed by a plumber before, do not lose faith. There are better ones out there. Its best to go for a reputed service provider as they hire only professionals who know best to treat your drains with care.

So, unfollow the plumbing myths. Use the correct solutions for your drainage system. Take good care of your drains, treat them well and don’t forget to call the plumber when you need.

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